Every man's dream - Shelby Mustang GT350

Shelby Mustang GT350
Recently we had the opportunity to write about some interesting editions of the Mustang, but no one, just no one is as interesting as what happens when the next "wild horse" mentioned the name of Carroll Shelby. The creator of the legendary AC Cobra car, why all Shelby Mustangs still wear distinctive "Cobra" emblem is a legend of motorsports and automotive processing based on Ford models. But even though the name of Carol Shelby associated with several Ford models, definitely the most famous model was created based on the Ford Mustang.

For this reason, we are particularly excited about the car on which we write today, and it's because we're not talking about any Ford Mustang, but a car that promises only the best thing at this time Ford has to offer. The heart of this "pony" is a brand new V8 beast that from the 5.2 liter volume draws more than 500 horsepower without any boost, making this the most powerful normally aspirated engine that was ever installed in any Ford production car. The result is a red speed range, which will move only about 8000 rpm, which will certainly provide a unique feeling of driving this beast.

There are also many other new features such as "MagneRide" shock absorbers for the first time embedded in a Ford vehicle, and allow the driver to fully customize the chassis, traction and stability control systems as well as systems management and response accelerator pedal depending on what kind of mood you're driving. Although up to now we were not sure that there is love at first sight, we are fully convinced, therefore, it may be time to toss a few pennies on the lottery or betting, as in this case, at least we can hope that one day we sit back behind the wheel this beauty. Enjoy the gallery below. 



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