10 Sexiest Sports Illustrated girls

Sports Illustrated will soon present its latest release in bathing suits, and this is 10 beauty that marked their past (and present).

Irina Shayk
Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo was the first Russian woman who graced the special edition of Sports Illustrated bikini edition, a regular occurrence on their site since 2007. Sexy photographs for this magazine she performed in Hawaii, Chile and Grenada, and most recently worked in Spain.

Cindy Crawford
One of the biggest supermodels of all time, a woman who was a sex bomb '80s and' 90s, and was on the cover of all major magazines such as Vogue, Elle and People, miraculously never been on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Although it has left the world of fashion, the 48-year-old bomb still accept some work. 

Marisa Miller
American beauty has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2008, a year after becoming a Victoria's angel, and this number is a long time been the best selling of all time. A year earlier, in the now legendary higher ping, posed wearing only an iPod! 

Heidi Klum
One of the most recognizable model is back in 1998 became the first German woman on the cover of the legendary editions, and was in all publications, to reduce the scope of their work. The 50th edition of this special edition Heidi Klum led her colleagues .... 

Kate Upton
Sex bomb which was recently People magazine named sexiest woman in the world is only at the beginning of her career, and already has two covers of this special edition. On the pages of the magazine appears since 2011, and a year later she was on the cover. In particular, remembers taking photographs at the North Pole! 

Rebecca Romijn
Having returned from Europe to the US, Rebecca became Victoria's angel, and a year later, in 1998, she appeared on the cover of bikini issues and she was wearing only body paint, which has become a model painted in the colors of the Sports site. She repeated cover in 2006. 

Tyra Banks
The first dark-skinned model on the cover of Sports Illustrated will forever be remembered for her photos in red and pink costume. Banks repeated cover a year later, and will be remembered as one of the biggest supermodels of all time. 

Elle Macpherson
She wanted to pose only a year to raise money for college, and became one of the biggest supermodels of all time. A woman who was nicknamed The Body, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit release a record five times, and it ranges from 20 years!

Christie Brinkley
Today, 60-year-old Christie is legend of Sports Illustrated - her career was launched just bikini edition of this magazine on whose cover was even three times in a row, from 1979 - 1981, which was the first time that it was someone managed. Since then she has been on the cover of over 500 magazines worldwide.  

Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland will forever be remembered as the most active Sports model who appeared in the magazine 13 years in a row, and three times she was on the cover (something that has succeeded only Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs). One of the three headlines was special - the 25th edition. 


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