Sex Box - series of couples who have live sex

The new show, which will soon in front of American audience include something very interesting: one pair, a small room, the audience and several experts about sex. "Sex Box" is a live show in which a man and woman making love in a small room in front of an audience, having in front of everyone to interview experts about sex.

The premiere is expected February 27th, while the main protagonists are couples who have problems in relationships and sex. The first is expected to talk, then consuming to do behind closed doors (but with sound), and then go back outside experts to help in a later sexual ecstasy honesty talked about their experiences.

A similar version of the show has already aired on British television and has been a huge success. As filmmakers say, expect a great success and a revolution when it comes to sex. Invited are couples who have different problems, from infidelity to the inability to get an erection and climaxes. In the UK version, the guests were and lesbians,
so that tensions among viewers certainly will not miss.


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