Zodiac signs drawn as monsters are perfect ideas for a tattoo!

Damon Hellandbrand is a talented American artist who is its excellent drawing skills imagined a little different zodiac signs. Not exactly what we are used to, is not it? This series of photo portraits of your favorite zodiac symbols, Hellandbranda as new and young artists celebrated in a few days, thanks to imgur.com page. Damon's drawings by using several techniques, using one of which is a mood that day. Some start as pencil drawings, some watercolors, and some of the common markers. Damon on his site as major artists who inspired him said Ralph McQuarrie, Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta. If you like art and paintings, definitely consider using your character for the next tattoo. We have already decided!!!













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  1. No. I would have to say that is the LAST thing I would permanently engrave on my body.


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