The most creative death sentences

The eternal controversy has been about whether life imprisonment is sufficient or individuals still deserve the death penalty ...

The act of execution of the death penalty is quite "modernized" and now you can just press a button. Although very few countries still apply the death penalty as a way of eliminating the most serious offenders, it is present in the United States and in countries of Asia and Africa.

If you thought the shooting, the electric chair, hanging, and poison in the veins, the worst forms of which the human mind is able to think, to get back somehow individuals for their misdeeds, you'd be wrong. Not so long ago, were used methods that were far more
terrifying and offenders exhibiting severe pain. These death sentences are not aimed at immediate execution but torture them for days before they make their soul separated from the body.

We present to you the most terrible forms of death sentences carried out around the world:

Trampled by elephants - in Africa and Asia
In use since ancient times until the 18th century. Teach elephants without much difficulty trample a man, not a big problem. Like Hannibal who has the same advantage as he attacked the Roman Republic and crossed the Alps, special elephant trainer were asked to indicate the elephants to overrun the biggest offenders of the time. If you thought that the death appeared now, you're wrong. Elephants are very docile animals and with proper command, knew that gradually increased their pressure, which caused intolerable pain to the individual.

Stretching - were applied everywhere, from England to China and North Africa

The procedure consisted of the fact that the person be terminated on 4 sides. Namely, his feet and hands were tied with a rope, which are then harnessed to an animals or infamous executioners had to draw on all 4 sides of the world. The implication was that the human body to inflict unbearable pain that marks his body simply abandon it to keep it in one piece. The second principle čerečenja was amputation, which was carried out so slowly that the defendant until the end of execution was long dead.

To put in prison was not enough, shows us clearly the principle of walling. The convict is abolished option to see the light of day, hear the voices of other people and have any kind of contact with the outside world what is walled in a small cramped spread in which he was left to his own thoughts,
pangs of conscience and the final inevitable death. Even if it is after some time spent in this situation waiting for suspension or pole, a large number of them would never have met. Death is performed and due to lack of air, panic and fear. 


The most famous capital punishment, impalement was primarily intended for women who have been unfaithful and killed her husband for a lover. This procedure penalized women in Ancient Rome
if it is found to have broken the vow of chastity. Also, this death penalty was also present in ancient Greece, Hungary, China, Africa, India and Persia.


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