Science doesn't lie: Morning sex is better for you than morning coffee!!

If you're one of those people that before the morning dose of caffeine can not think, talk, let alone to smile, then we have a small solution for you! Morning sex!

Many people not only can not function before the morning coffee, but also so edgy, dangerous, cantankerous and crazy that they are better off not talk to. But science is here entwined fingers and showed us a couple of interesting facts that instead of coffee in the morning, waking up to the best,  mood and health morning sex
it's lot better!

Coffee increases the anxiety, sex reduces it

Most people when they examine the first sips of coffee in the morning thinking about the day that follows. Thinking about all the problems that have occurred yesterday, you all have to do today, you have to be postponed and finish. Basically, anxiety is growing. According to the American Psychiatric Association, caffeine-related anxiety is real! 80 percent of Americans are passionate about coffee, while the most common mental illness in America are attacks of anxiety and panic attacks.

While on the other hand, sex has a positive effect on mood, soothes the psyche, anxiety and allows the secretion of that
beautiful hormones to which we are all drawn, oxytocin. It reduces stress and introduces you to a state of bliss and rested. Ah, the wonderful orgasm.

Coffee has a short-acting, sex completed climactic

We hate to break it to you, but coffee does not give you extra energy. Actually, its
only effect is that your body feels less tired, and it achieves a false sense of energy. Yes, artificially. When your body needs rest, then released adenosine, which tells your brain that your body is tired and you need sleep. Molecules in caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue. When it wears out, weariness returns.

Sex on the other hand, does not have such a short action. After orgasm, all the better. Physical activity awaken your body and blood circulate in all possible corners of your body several times, and the sense of calm after climaxes monitors all day. And when later in the day remember that you have already had sex, you always
feel better.

Coffee distract you, sex concentrate you

When you feel the impact of coffee, you take on the job and about 100 things you are thinking at the same time. The wild sense of energy allows you to catch to grips with a lot of problems at the same time, while sex has the opposite effect. Once you calm down and relax, allowing you to without panic and stress-free approach to the problem, one by one. Now, how you want to live your life?

Sex is Zen. With it, you find it easier in life. With it, there is no stress, panic, yelling and curmudgeonry.
It soothes the psyche. When your girl is cranky, nervous and goddamn intense, bang her and it will shut.

Coffee gets cool, sex is just getting better
I hate cold coffee. If something in the world is wrong and should be disposed of immediately, then it is a cold coffee. When out of that beautiful warm cup becomes cold and tasteless liquid, we all get crazy! It is clear that the morning coffee is over, and it's time for work, study, or what ever more terrible in the day is waiting. Depression.

Sex warm you up, down, sweat, stretch and wake up in the most natural way possible. Thank you to all the girls on our morning orgasms!!

Coffee dehydrates you and destroys the skin, and from sex you shine
You know those clusters of girls in the morning with tone powder on her face sitting at a cafe, and with half a pack of cigarettes and swilling gallons of coffee.
Just think of how their skin looks strange covered with all the powder, as their perfumes disguise breath and nervous. And if they are your girlfriend, would be at home with a smile on her face and eyes shining like a mermaid.
You know that distinctive smile on face that men have after sex? Oh, they know it to. So they will find you even more attractive and interesting.

Our recommendation? Sex every morning !!!


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