Scientifically proven! Men who drink beer are better in bed!

If you are a natural beer drinker, then you already recognized the positive impact of our favorite juice on your sexual "performance". This beautiful and delicious liquids we consume in social rituals such as birthday celebrations, weekend dates with the guys and in the evening with beautiful girl is great for your mood, your health but also for your sex life!

No, this is not a campaign for Becks, favorite beer hall or for Heineken. The claim that "men who drink beer are better in bed" is a scientifically proven assertion dr. Kat Van Kirk in her study of human sexuality proved successful!

Beer can delay ejaculation

If you happen to be too fast, the beer will help you! Phytoestrogens contained in beer help to delay accomplishment, and that takes longer, and enabling her to enjoy more!

Dark beer will cheer you up for sex

An interesting fact about dark beer that rarely anyone knows is that it contains much more iron than light beer. Therefore, increasing the number of red blood cells and improves circulation in the groin area, enabling faster and stronger erection. If you plan to party all night with your beloved,
replace light beer with dark!

Beer can you withstand all night
According to a study conducted in Italy at the institute "Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura", a beer a day will 
reduce by 31% possibility of a heart attack or any cardiovascular disease! So beer combined with playing sports will give you fit and healthy to get through the night! So now you tell us that this is not a good reason your girl to let you on Mondays football with the boys, but also for a couple of beers after practice.

Guinness is great when belly pain

The most famous black beer in the world, Guinness, is actually very healthy for your stomach. In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, with a focus on high amounts of vitamins B, black beers have excellent probiotic qualities. It will reduce the puffiness and not during sex you will not feel like kegs!

There is a beer for better performance in bed!

We're not sure whether you know, but there is a beer whose primary goal is to be better in bed! Forget about Viagra, get pale ale called "50 Shades of Green". Manufacturers Innis & Gunn, guaranteeing that their beer will turn you into a better lover. According to Dr. Kirk, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and Damiana in the beer will strengthen sexual desire, speed up the flow of blood in your body, but also allow for increased stimulation of the nervous system!

Therefore, dear gentlemen,

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  1. Even though my wife is a non drinker now, shes now encouraging me to drink more beer!


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