Today we will try to answer a question that has long troubled the male population, and it is - whether men should shave their armpit or not?

Hairs have always been the main difference between women and us men, but today this has started to change. Men are increasingly embracing modern trends and begin to shave their armpits. Although this a few decades ago was unthinkable, now it is a normal thing.

From 4,044 men who were questioned on this issue, 68% said they shave their armpits. So, do men need to shave their armpits???

We will present some of the answers from people who were for or against shaving, and this is what the participants say...


"I think it's part of hygiene and that has nothing to do with masculinity. Every man should shave the armpits."

"I find it much easier when I shaved armpits. Thus, less sweat, and it's easier to take care of hygiene."

"What the hell people, of course we should! With hair stinks, without hair do not. Simple."

"I think that shaving your armpits is not necessary and has no effect on hygiene. If you bathe regularly, your armpits will not smell, and hair does not matter."

"First armpit and chest, and legs, and then we have to pee sitting down."

"Oh, what shave, nonsense. Nature has created such, which means that it's normal."

Although perhaps more men is committed to shaving, the answers are almost divided.

We still believe that shaving armpits matter of personal choice. Just as you decide whether to let the beard or hair, same thing with underarm hair. The hair will not make you any dirtier, more manly, and smooth armpit will not make you cleaner. Regular hygiene is required in both cases.

Do not let the prejudices break, if you like hair proudly wear them and if is more pleasant to you to be "smooth" then take a razor in your hands.

What do you think, whether men should shave their armpits?


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