Funny Chinese Translation Fails Made Us Laugh Hard

Compound of Chinese and English language, which has become world famous because of Google's translator, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as follows:

"Compound Chinese and English; especially: a variant of the English language used by speakers of Chinese or bilingual speakers of Chinese and English in another environment, usually using Chinese vocabulary and linguistic structure, or the English terms characteristic for the Chinese environment.

We will not list all the differences between these two languages (since it is too much, and do not have enough space), but it is enough to say that the Chinese and English language used two completely different letters (ideograms against the alphabet) and express time in different ways, which could cause serious (but often very funny) mistakes.

Below you will find a collection of the funniest photos taken (mostly) in Chinese restaurants that have been shown Chinese ideograms and their "translation" into English, which usually sounds weird and funny.


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