How much do men exaggerate the size of their penis? Australians, shame on you!

We admit! Every man has measured the size of his tool! In some cases, measurements have done by girls, just to be able to boast of her colleagues, and keep a record of tools with which they were dealing. Shame on them 🙂

Of course men often in company exaggerate the size of the penis. When courting on Facebook, Tinder and on other social networks where trying to get laid, often to excess. portal for finding sex partners has published some research on how much men lie on the size of the penis, and the results are interesting. Unfortunately, only six nations took part in the survey, with exactly 953 men and 726 girls.

Australians, shame on you! 🙂

But not to worry, here is a map of the world 😉

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  1. people who think the average cock length is 14cm...


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