New Honda Civic Type R - Fifth generation unveiled in Geneva

Honda has again gone a step further. The new Civic Type R is not only stronger, lighter and more agile than its predecessor, but the design of the exterior and interior, but also a "dangerous" new sound system, has become the perfect car for the city "savages" who understand what quality is.

Honda itself has long been known as an excellent final car making, excellent and long-lasting engine, not so good interior design solutions, but high performance. The new Accord continues the tradition, except when it comes to design. This beauty has some new muscles which are not ashamed and will shovel them in to your face every time you see it.

Specifications: 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine fitted mapping now has 10 horses more, plus a new exhaust that looks, and sounds great. Total 316 horsepower it in direct competition sets 10 horses over the Golf R and 29 horses under the Focus RS. 

But when we talk about the Civic then power is not the most important thing, however, is that Sportak front-wheel drive. Gearbox has remained the same. Six speed perfectly-balanced, without automation. Yes. You read right. No automation. Forget about makeup, show knowledge. Many daddy's sons give up at this step to. This is not a car for fooling around. This is a car for those who cherish the love of driving and who can feel and master the car in any situation in which they find themselves.

More of a car when we test it, until then enjoy the new pictures!

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  1. Sweet ride. With Honda reliability, I cannot wait to try this out.


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