Czech company hosts Facebook bikini contest to choose interns

After Travis Kalanick's renunciation a week ago as Uber's CEO following allegations of broad inappropriate behavior at his organization, sexism has progressed toward becoming a remarkable theme in the tech business. 

The issue's not limited to Silicon Valley. 

If it's not too much trouble consider the commitment to present day culture offered by Czech power aggregate CEZ. The organization couldn't exactly choose how to pick the interns for one of its atomic power stations this year.
So they asked all the female candidates to dress in two-pieces and hard caps and held a Facebook competition. As German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports, 10 female high school graduates were paraded before CEZ's fans and followers to stare at and support. 

You may think there would have been a national clamor in the Czech Republic. You may think you have to check the meaning of "clamor." For nearby TV station Jihoceske really ran a complimenting highlight on the arrangement.
CEZ has had some second thoughts since then.

"We did not want anyone to feel upset. The purpose of the competition was to introduce a non-traditional environment and support technical education. However, if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry about it," a CEZ spokesman told me.

If you don't mind consider the idea of supporting specialized training for the following couple of hours. 

The organization offered a comparable statement of regret of sorts on Facebook. 
"The winner of the facebook competition is ... all interested parties," it began. How enlightened. Yes, the company decided to offer all its bikini contestants an internship. Well, alright then.

Deutsche Welle said that in an official statement declaring this opposition, CEZ contrasted it with alleged social improvement programs held previously. You know, shows by traditional ensembles, that kind of thing.


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