Friends with Benefits: The Pros and Cons

Sometimes we go into romantic stories that we know from the beginning that they have no future, so we do not even call them a relationships. Sometimes in this way we want to defend ourselves from the idea of harming our partner, and sometimes we simply decide to try with a person who is friend or very close to us.
Such love relationships have their own good side, because they are exciting and optional, but they carry with them certain dangers. Be sure to read before falling in love with a person with whom you have taken a "friendship with benefits" or "non-compulsory adventure"!


No obligation

Whether you are eager for a bit of attention and gentleness because you can barely remember the last relationship or simply want to have fun, this attitude is the right thing for you. It is only important to immediately define things and to comply with the agreed. Enjoy the romance without any obligation while it lasts! But be aware that from the very beginning you have agreed that you will not be emotionally tied or become exclusive. This rarely happens.

Fun and relaxation

The advantage of the adventure is that there is no pressure on either side. You can correspond, love, make love, laugh, entertain one thousand and one way, all without compromise, commitment and love drama. The moment you feel jealousy, the need to talk or drama - you've gone too far.

Develop the tendency of the adventures

And we do not mean just love adventures. For as long as it lasts, there is no adventure to which you will not be ready. Driving a balloon, exploring hidden corners, and who knows what does not. When we know that our time is counted and that at any time we can simply break the relationship, we are ready to use it as best possible!

A lot of nice memories, without the guilt of conscience

Of course, with a smile on your face you will remember flirting with a drink, squeezing on the dance floor, romantic romantic walks in the park, feeling carelessness and butterfly in the stomach. You will be happy what happened. And although it was short, it was pretty sweet! 


Superficial relationship

Since you are both aware that it will not last, all those beautiful emotions that evolve with time and the feeling of closeness and connection can be freely forgotten and crossed. For this reason, the adventure can be exciting, but somewhat superfluous and empty.

Forgetting obligations

If you go into a passing adventure, every second you want to use the best you can. And that's fine - as long as the adventure does not start to negatively influence on your school success, occasional work, friendship, family relationships and everything else in your life.

Danger of broken heart!

It is very easy to develop passion and strong physical attraction into something more. In romantic situations, it is very difficult to separate the mind from the heart. Perhaps just when you need to split, realize that you are crazy in love with her and that your heart will break in a thousand pieces of the same second when she goes away.


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