POLYAMORY - a trend that is becoming more and more popular

You probably never heard of this expression, and if it's true, don't worry, we to just recently heard about it. Polyamory is the desire to have sexual relations with more than one person. However, there is one catch. All people involved must know that you have relationships with other people, so nothing is done secretly.

Some will say that this is similar to Swingers' behavior and we assume that you are right, but polyamists say this is a more modern version and that it is different from classic swinger adventures.

Doctor and sociologist, Amy Mmurs, decided to examine this phenomenon and to determine how much polyamory is actually popular among young people. She made several surveys and made detailed research on social media and internet browsers to find out how often this term is being searched.

There were surprising answers.

Research has shown that a large number of people have a desire to be with more than one person in a relationship. Such relationships even cross some borders, so some people have 5 paired relationships and all members of that love circuit know about each other and take part in sexual activities together.
This is, of course, one of the examples, and there are many other combinations and arrangements.

Those who have tried this say that feeling is incredible and that polyamory is actually a sexual freedom that allows you to enjoy the human body. You are not limited to any concepts and social rules. Simply do what you want and share your tales with other people who are your companions.

Many challenge this behavior because they say it leads to the breakdown of marriages and relationships between men and women. Those who oppose also say that the concept of marriage will soon be lost if such things continue and that the birth of children will become increasingly rare.

What do you think of this phenomenon? Do you think that sex with more people is a normal thing or are you an opponent of such behavior?   


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