Is Rush Hour 4 actually going to happen?

In the late '90s and early' 2000s, Jackie Chen and Chris Tucker were the favorite duo who made three films under the title 'Rush Hour'. This action comedy has broken many records and is often considered one of the best films of this genre.

The third part was shot 12 years ago and
although there was a lot of rumor about the fourth part recording, it never happened. However, now on the Internet appeared photo of Jacky Chen and Chris Tucker who clearly show number 4.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, the fans have become enthusiastic because it is clear that our favorite actors show that we will get the fourth part of this ingenious film. We are sure that this movie will be shot because there are too many people who are expecting it, so the filmmakers will pay off this project, so we just have to wait for an official announcement that will reveal when the film will start recording and when it will appear in cinemas.

Although Tucker and Jackie are already in serious years, we are sure that they will be great, and that they will be even more hilarious than in the previous parts. 

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