Surprising Pics That Prove ‘Manspreading’ Isn’t Just a Gender Issue

Women! Stop whinging about ‘manspreading’ – YOU’RE guilty of so many annoying habits like bag-spreading and squeezing spots on the bus.

Chances are, if you spend a lot of time on internet, you've found the term "manspreading". The unusual phenomenon of men spreading their legs to occupy space in public places is considered as an example of a gender-reinforced that has been strengthened by rights and has attracted the anger of many. However, as these photos show, the phenomenon of "spreading" is not just one gender issue, which raises new questions.

Many think this is an insignificant question. But those who use public transport believe that this is a daily frustration that affects their quality of life. But there is a catch ... It seems that these are not just men who are guilty of "manspreading." Imgur user Mashimii has published her photos, as well as photographs that women found equally capable and willing to take space on trains, planes and buses. Women also menspread, put their feet on the seats, put their bags on the seats and not to mention all kinds of perfumes. But the effect is the same, and the person who asks it raises the question: “Why are men being vilified for something that doesn’t seem to be gender-related at all?”

Here we see a disabled rider squatting on his backpack.


  1. Women just like to piss and moan for the sake of it, it's that simple.

  2. Its ok to "spread" during off peak hours. But when its rush hour and the train is full, EVERYONE should be more conscientious about taking up extra space.

  3. Just photos from pussies. Tell them to move and they all will


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