NASA will pay you $18500 to stay in bed for 2 months

We all imagine the moment when we do not have to get out of bed and when we can lie all day. Although it's a dream come true for many, imagine what would be if you were paid for that. That's exactly what NASA did.

The world's most famous space center pays $ 18,500 to people who will be in bed for 60 days. NASA wants to carry out tests on these people in order to make the cosmonauts stay in space as comfortable and safer as possible. People in the beds will simulate astronauts who are in the space and who do not have everyday physical activity.
The aim of this research is to see how much physical inactivity actually affects our organism. When astronauts are in the universe, they are exposed to minimal physical effort, because they are in a non-weight conditions. Because of this, their muscles, and even the organs, work with minimal effort to maintain the body functions. Astronauts in the outer space for several months have serious problems when they return because their muscles are so weak that they can not walk in a few weeks, and some even have to be plugged in to the life support systems.
For this reason NASA has decided to see what are the effects of inactivity on the organism and whether there is something they can do to make it easier for astronauts to stay in the outer space.

Initially, respondents can move out of bed, but after just a few days, a period starts when they are asked to just lie down. They have everything available: televisions, computers, internet and video games. The only thing they are asked to do is to perform all activities in a lying position.
Although you probably think this is a dream job, but those who have already passed this test say that it was their hardest experience in their life.
Although we all like to rest and do nothing, the 60-day period is simply too long and people have become increasingly nervous, and some have experienced psychological changes as well. However, the researchers have been able to carry out all the necessary research that will be used on the following space trips. They managed to find out what kind of influence the body has on lying and how important physical activity is actually. 

NASA is paying $ 18,500 for this work, but warns that in this experiment you can have consequences that can adversely affect your health. In addition to these warnings, a huge number of people signed up because everyone wants to make money by lying.

Applications for the study are available online from the German Aerospace Agency. The agency is looking for 12 men and 12 women volunteers. 

Would you agree to this kind of work for this amount of money?


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