Science confirms: short men really are more aggressive

Recent research published in the journal Psychological Science has dealt with issues of aggression and violence. About 600 different men were examined to determine whether there is anything that determines aggression in men. What research has shown has shocked many, as it has been found that short men show much greater aggressiveness and are much more prone to violence, unlike tall men.

Research has shown that those who consider themselves short and not strong enough become up to 3 times more violent than men who are confident and self-confident. This complex is known as the Napoleon Complex, which occurs in a male who smaller, are short and which do not have a strong muscularity.

In these men there is a desire to prove and show that they are dangerous and powerful, and they usually show it by aggression and violence. Short men often show it in their relationships with their better half. Girls who are in relationship with short men say that they get angry easily, they have short temper and can be pretty ruff when they get upset. 

Of course, this does not mean that all short men suffer from Napoleon complex, but it is more likely that you will get into problems and physical contact with short men. 


  1. I didn't get the same conclusion from the study at all? Just a terrible myth to propogate and generalize and entire group of people this way. Connecting opinions to a study than doesn't make the same conclusions in your summary is unfortunate and irresponsible.

  2. Typically, shorter men have to defend themselves from bullying more often, which would mean they would have to be more aggressive. Violence in general often has more involved than just height. This is a bit of an over-generalization.

    1. I agree! I am short and I am a Marine combat Veteran and yes it is said that it is not the size of the weapon but the ferocity of the attack. But in reality I am more apt to be a kind,empathetic and yet assertive. Very protective.

  3. All of you are under 5'5" ��������

  4. 5'5" minus and age related shrinking!

  5. Sounds like my short ass agro boss.


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