Men have discovered 5 reasons why they like women with short hair

We recently asked men if they liked women with short hair, and they gave us the main reasons ...

When a woman is generally thought of, besides the breast, buttocks and other body attributes long hair falls on the mind. However, girls are becoming more free-spirited, experimenting a lot with their styling, and many begin to wear short hair.

Many would say that short hair reduces the femininity of girls, but men say that women with short hair are attractive, and they give reasons to confirm this.

1.Girls with short hair are attracting attention

Girls like this are different, and therefore more noticeable, so it's no wonder they're attracted to us.

2. Their face and neck are seen better

Long hair is often known to "stifle" the pretty face of girls, and those who have short hair can very easily highlight their facial features and a beautiful neck that excites every man.

3. They need less time to get ready

Taking care long hair can sometimes take forever, but girls with short hair do it much faster, making it easier and faster to get ready.

4. They have more confidence

Short hair is proof that girls have self-confidence and are ready for change and that nothing will scare or disgust them.

5. Does not bother during ''action''

During hot bed adventures, hair can be problematic,
for girls with short hair it is not a problem. 


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