Unibrow: The girls stopped plucking their eyebrows and the men are in shock

Unibrow is another new Instagram trend that arrives and has fascinated girls and disgusted men ...

Just when we thought we were getting used to shocking Instagram trends, girls find a way to surprise us. This time, more and more girls are appearing on Instagram, who refuse to pluck and cut their eyebrows, and the vast majority of them even fuse. The "Unibrow" trend is becoming more and more prevalent in girls who support feminism, and they advocate for equal rights for men and women.

The girls who started doing this say that they refuse to cut their hair and pluck their eyebrows because men don't do it either and say that they emphasize their natural beauty in this way.

Men disagree with this trend and say that girls look awful with eyebrows like this and also say that every man would trim his eyebrows if they looked like tufted centipedes.

Take a look at the gallery and tell us if you find these girls attractive?


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  1. How about the author post his photo so we can ridicule it?


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