How much money the richest people lost because of the Coronavirus

After the fall of the global stock market on March 12, a date now known as Black Thursday, many billionaires have lost huge amounts of money and the Coronavirus crisis has hit the global economy seriously. Jobs are closing because of quarantines, and many people get fired or get unpaid leave.

The Forbes billionaires have not completely run out of money and still have pretty impressive inventories that make them the richest people on the planet, but they have lost a good deal of the wealth that counts in huge numbers.

Jeff Bezos
The richest man in the world, the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, suffered a loss of 7.13% ($ 8 billion) from his fortune. His fortune now stands at $ 104.4 billion.

Bill Gates
Microsoft boss posted a loss of 5.09 percent - about $ 5.3 billion. Gates's wealth dropped to $ 99.2 billion. 

Bernard Arnault
French billionaire Bernard Arnault is the chairman and CEO of LVMH Moet Hennessy - an empire spanning 70 brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora. Its wealth stands at $ 82.5 billion after a decline of 8.57 percent ($ 7.7 billion). The luxury market has suffered a major blow in its sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic as much of LVMH's profits rely on Chinese buyers. 

Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has now dropped to $ 71.5 billion after losing 6.83% ($ 5.2 billion). 

Mark Zuckerberg

Due to the situation with the coronary virus, Zuckerberg's wealth fell to $ 54.7 billion after losing 9.05%. 


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