After Getting Ticketed, Albuquerque Man Takes 400 Photos Of Illegally Parked Police And State Cars

We know the phrase that no one is above the law, not even those who enforce it, but is this really the case?

But the hero in this story disagrees, at least when it comes to how city and state employees park their cars. Fermin Aguilar, from Albuquerque (New Mexico), sees illegally parked cars near his home on a daily basis, most of them city or state employees. This frustrates him, especially since ordinary people like him are immediately fined when they park improperly, which is not the case with state or city employees.

To draw attention to this problem and injustice, Aguilar has collected more than 400 photographs of such improperly parked cars, most of them police cars. "They are parked on pedestrian crossings, on fire ways, on disabled parking lots, everywhere," says Aguilar. He has been documenting misconduct for more than a year, and his activism has also interested the local television station, which has published an article on the case.
The TV station asked for a statement from the Department of Municipal Development, which is in charge of managing city parking lots. "Fermin Aguilar is right, that is not fair and we are working to correct this injustice. We are taking measures that will make parking easier for police and city and state employees, ” said department spokesman Johnny Chandler. 
An interesting statement, implying that the current parking situation is unfavorable and problematic for government officials. Isn't it the same for ordinary taxpayers? 



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