South Korean Football Team Apologizes For Using Sex Dolls To Fill Up Empty Stands

The attempt of the Korean football club Seoul not to completely empty the stands, in the first game of the season at its stadium, ended ingloriously.

The club from the capital of South Korea thought of ordering 30 dolls (28 female and 2 male) and placing them on a part of the stands, but it went to the wrong place in the procurement - to a company for the production of sex content.

So, instead of model dolls, they got sex dolls from Dalkom! And that's not all. Some of them held advertisements for porn sites in their hands, which are strictly forbidden in Korea.

This was noticed by TV viewers, so criticism of the club soon followed.

In the end, Seoul had no choice but to apologize to everyone.

"We didn't see what Dalkom's company was like and we had no idea we are dealing with the sex industry. We wanted those dolls to look as real as possible, but we couldn't even imagine that they would be sex dolls," said club official Li Ji-hon.

If it is a consolation, Seoul triumphed in the match with Gwangju with the result 1: 0.


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