Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys?

You must have wondered why girls choose to be with guys who live on the other side of the law.
If so, don't worry, because science has the answer.

Understanding the female mind is probably the hardest thing you can do, and scientists have been trying for decades to do the same and interpret what is going on in women's heads. What we can be sure of is that the female mind is drastically different from the male, and that is often the reason why we get into conflicts with women, because we simply do not understand each other.

What bothers us men the most is why women in most cases choose men who act dangerous and who have a reputation as a dangerous guy.

Science has seriously addressed this question and has come up with several answers that logically explain why women are looking for men like this.

The first and main reason why women go crazy for men like this is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Bad guys are full of self-confidence and are confident in their strength and power, and that conquers women. Scientists say that this is the main characteristic that makes women chase after men, and that you don't have to be a dangerous guy to win a girl, you just need to be confident in yourself.

Another reason is their adventurous spirit and courage. Men like this are always ready for action and ready to cross borders, which excites girls. There is also a third reason, and that is a change of character.

Women love to change the character of men, so they have a desire to "soften" dangerous guys and change them radically, which is another reason why these men are the target of many women.


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