Sylvester Stallone's daughter set Instagram on fire!!

The famous actor was not known as one of the most beautiful actors, but he can freely say that he has the most beautiful daughter ...

All fathers will tell you that it is not easy to raise daughters, because you must do your best to protect them from everything and make sure that they get everything they need. Stallone is one of those fathers and he has not one, but 3 daughters and he says that he could hardly wait for them to grow up, because the stress during their growing up was too great.

All his daughters grew into real beauties, but Sofia Stallone is probably the most popular of all. Sofia has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and is slowly becoming a very influential influencer, followed by a huge number of young people. Of course, men make up a large part of her audience, and when you see her photos, you will understand why.
"I know that my daughter is a real beauty and I don't mind that a large number of men follow her, but if some jerk dares to write or send her something she doesn't need, then he will see who her DADDY is," said Stallone, explained with a smile that he would do everything for his daughter.

Follow Sofia on INSTAGRAM and see all her posts and photos.


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