Couples get $ 3,000 for sex on these mattresses

The company Sleep Standards, is engaged in the production of mattresses and wants to test how good they really are ...

In order to determine which mattresses are the best and which ones suit the customers the most, this company placed an unusual ad and invited 5 loving couples to call and test the mattresses for $ 3,000. Every couple must have at least one sexual experience on 5 different mattresses, and then they should evaluate which mattress is the best and why.

"Every week we will send you a new mattress and all you need to do is give us honest review about how good that mattress is for sex. That's right, you can get paid for what you do in your daily life - and you'll get paid for sex!

We all know that a bad mattress can lead to problems in bed, and a good mattress can do wonders. To save people the trouble of looking for a comfortable mattress through trial and error, we came up with this experiment. Our goal is to find the best mattress for sex - and we need your help! ", The company wrote on its official website and invited everyone who wants to help them.

As expected, a huge number of couples came forward, and the Sleep Standards company said that they would choose 5 random couples who would get the opportunity to test the mattresses and earn $ 3,000.

Would you do this for this money?


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