How to hook up with a girl in during Covid

 In these difficult times, some things that we have taken for granted so far have become totally socially unacceptable. Yes, no more running into a bar, random encounters in an elevator or gym, and even if by any chance you walk a dog in the park and come across an interesting girl, they will probably hit you in a wide arc (not less than two meters), and not your fault.

Yes, times are tough, but that only means that the creative ones will come to the surface, who are not afraid to take risks, even if they have experienced a total fiasco. You may think that apps like Tinder, Badoo and the like are the only way to enrich your love life these days, but you are wrong. Yes, it takes a little effort and the girls will appreciate it, and the best example is a young man from New York who managed to "run in" a girl from the neighborhood from the quarantine of his apartment and totally enchant her. How?

Well, now comes the creative part. Like everyone else, during quarantine, Jeremy was bored inside the four walls of his Brooklyn apartment, until at one point he caught the eye of a girl who wasted her time dancing on the roof of a nearby building. When their eyes met, he waved at her and she returned the greeting, which was a sign that the plan of conquest could begin. With the help of modern technology and resourcefulness, Jeremy writes down his cell phone number on a drone and sends it to a dancing girl who soon accepts the game and sends him an SMS.

But the game didn’t just stop at correspondence, so Jeremy soon organizes a joint dinner at a distance, and soon a walk he comes to in a large plastic balloon holding a bouquet of flowers. The modern interpretation of the story of Romeo and Juliet, of course, without warring families and a part about poisoning, has won the sympathy of hundreds of thousands of people and is just proof that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, the "Corona age" does not have to be loneliness. And so, don't be discouraged and embark on new expeditions, because maybe right now is the opportunity to find the perfect girl.


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