Men and women look at these 8 things DIFFERENTLY!

Although there are always exceptions, these are some of the most common things that women and men see completely differently.

According to one study - most people think that men and women basically do not have much in common. As many as 87 percent of people believe that both sexes express their feelings in different ways, and 68 percent of them think that it is impossible for women and men to have the same interests and hobbies.

Here are 8 things that men and women really see completely differently:

First date

On the first date, women mostly think about what kind of man is the one who took them out, and they hope that he is normal and that he will be able to build a relationship with him. At the same time, men hope that a woman will think of them as normal and that she will not "unhook" them immediately after the first date.

Although most women have overcrowded closets from which things fall out, they still constantly complain that they have nothing to wear, while for men, one ironed shirt, two T-shirts, one pair of pants and a few clean socks are enough for a whole month.

Going out

It only takes men a few minutes to get ready to go out while women apply makeup on their faces for hours and choose a combination that all her friends will be jealous of.


When they go on a trip, women often overdo it with their luggage, so sometimes it happens that things can't fit in even two suitcases. Men, on the other hand, bring with them one to two clothing combinations, several pieces of underwear and basic hygiene items.


The vast majority of men do not stick to their diet and will eat everything they want to eat at that moment, while women usually watch the line and count their calories much more often.


Women have a habit of losing their nerve when a man leaves a board on a toilet bowl raised, while they hate it if a woman doesn’t replace an empty roll of toilet paper.

Preparing for a "date"

When a man goes on a "date" with a woman he likes, he is confident only because of the fact that she agreed to go out with him. Preparation does not take long, it is important for them that they do not have bad breath and that it does not stink under their armpits. Women, on the other hand, often prepare for hours and eventually start crying when they see that their nails are still not perfect, so the preparation is often extended and therefore most women are late for dates.


Most men walk away from an argument and when they are angry they need time to calm down and get away from the woman. Women, on the other hand, want to solve everything right away, and even if they say they are leaving in the middle of an argument, they expect the man to follow them.


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