You will not believe what is the third most common cause that leads to car accidents

The first two reasons why collisions most often occur are fast driving and the use of a mobile device ...

However, the latest research in Great Britain has shown that the third reason is something completely unexpected. It has been determined that a huge number of collisions occur due to bugs that are in the car and which frighten the driver.

Spiders, mosquitoes and other insects and arthropods frighten and shock drivers, which leads to them losing their attention and control over the vehicle and thus crashing their own and other vehicles. Of course, if this is the third most common cause in Britain, it does not mean that it is everywhere in the world, but we are sure that drivers in our area are afraid of bugs, especially women.

Research has also shown that 80% of women are involved in insect-induced collisions, which shows that they have far greater fear of these tiny inhabitants of our planet.


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