Does shaving make us hairier?

Scientists have tried to find an answer to this question ...

You've probably heard people say a thousand times that hair will get bigger and thicker if you shave it on a part of your body for the first time. Females believe in this the most, because they are afraid that it will create hairier areas on their body, which they will treat later. And a large number of men believe in the same thing, some refuse to shave under the armpits or on the intimate parts, because they think that this will only make the situation with the hair worse.

The scientists wanted to determine if shaving really leads to hair growth and thickening. The answer is NO. Respondents who agreed to shave certain parts of the body after some time did not have any changes in hair thickness. However, what scientists have noticed is the fact that hair grows faster. So if you shave a part of your body often, the hair on it will grow even faster.


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