You are more likely to date a girl if you have an iPhone

According to a new study, users of Apple devices are more attractive on popular dating apps compared to owners of Android devices.

The CompareMyMobile site did this research and wanted to see if choosing a mobile phone plays a role in flirting and if girls care which phone men have. Analyzing more than 50,000 apps for finding partners and "swiping and matching", it was noticed that Apple Watch, AirPod and iPhone users were much more attractive.

Profiles showing the iPhone had a 76% chance of being "swiped" to the right, the Apple Watch gained a 61% chance, while showing AirPods brought the chances to 41%.

By comparison, showing off Samsung devices brings a 19% chance, while all other phones have reduced the chances to 30%. It is interesting to note that Blackberry is considered the least attractive, reducing the chances of "swiping" to the right by 74%.

So, if you haven't had success with flipping apps so far, then maybe it's time to buy an iPhone.


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