50% of cars are black or white, and here's why

You must have noticed that these are the most common car colors ...


The latest research has noticed that the most popular car color is white and that 36% of cars in the world have this color. In second place is black with 16%, gray with 13% and silver with 10%. As you can see for yourself, colors like green, red, blue and the like, take up only a small percentage, and car manufacturers have discovered why this is so.

They said that most cars are in black and white because they are neutral colors that are always in fashion and that go with everything. These colors will never be "out of fashion" and will never become boring and are best of all colors.

They also give a certain dose of elegance to all vehicles and make those vehicles look good even when they are 15 or 20 years old. Other colors are much worse under the influence of weather and sun, so black and white are for a reason the two ultimate colors used by car manufacturers.

So, if you have a car in white or black, it is very likely that you will sell it much better in the future.


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