Science Explains: Why blondes are more attractive to men?

Scientists have given us the answer ...


Judging by the new results of a study by the University of Augsburg in Minnesota, men really prefer blondes, considering them younger and healthier than other women.

Rarely will a man tell you that he doesn't like blondes. We find women with blue and gold curls attractive and sensual, and it is not surprising that a large number of women
dye in this color. However, what is it that attracts us so much to golden-haired girls. Why do our mouths open and why does our heart beat faster when we notice them on the street?

Scientists have come up with an answer.

Based on photographs of different women, male respondents answered questions related to their preferences in love life. Most of them considered blondes more beautiful, younger and healthier than women with darker hair.

They also believe that blondes are "easier to cooperate" and that they will go out on a date with them sooner.

Although we can see blondes everywhere today, there are actually very few natural blondes. Only 5% of women on the planet are naturally blond, which shows that blondes are very rare. That is the answer.

Our ancestors did not have cosmetics and hair dyes, so at that time the only blondes were natural. Since they were rare, if someone saw a girl with golden hair, he would be immediately delighted, because it was something that was unusual at the time.

The feeling of excitement when you see a blonde woman, remained subconsciously in us, so that our heart always jumps a little when we notice them. So, blondes attract you, because they were real goddesses of beauty to your ancestors, who implanted their beauty deep in our DNA.



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