Sex as a medicine: Why is it necessary as often as possible?

It has been found that if couples have sex two or more times a week, they have higher levels of immunoglobulin, which helps your immune system. (to prevent Covid-19 you know what to do)


Sex is the greatest pleasure for most people, but it is also good for various other things. If you only find out some of them, you will work on your sexual relations. Increased sexual activity is very good for your body.

1. Sex improves mood

After making love, you will inevitably feel better thanks to the hormones that are released after orgasm, as well as many enzymes, and one of them is endorphins.

The hormone oxytocin, which is secreted during sex, makes people kinder to their partners, calms them down and makes them sleep. Women can produce it four times more than men. Oxytocin is also called the "hug" hormone, because it is released after 20 minutes of hugging.

Another important neurotransmitter is serotonin, which is the main antidepressant and is most responsible for laughter, happiness and relaxation after sex.

2. Sex is good for your heart

A study conducted at the University of Belfast found that having sex three times a week drastically reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. Scientists say that it is not an accurate assumption that men have a higher chance of getting a heart attack during sexual intercourse in their 40s and 50s.

All those who are worried should know that sex is just another form of exercise. In fitness terms, it’s the same as walking a mile or climbing stairs up and down. It is important that you are physically fit - said Professor Peter Weissberg.

3. Sex protects against colds

Sexual intercourse increases your immunity and thus protects you from colds and flu. It has been found that if couples have sex two or more times a week, they have higher levels of immunoglobulin, which helps your immune system fight the virus.

4. Sex prolongs life

A study on longevity and sex found that those who had sex less than once a month were twice as likely to die younger than those who had sex twice a week.


Sexual activity has a protective effect on men's health. This may be related to a major sex hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This important hormone is produced in the adrenal glands and works by connecting estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. The level of DHEA rises before orgasm and ejaculation by as much as three times higher than the usual level, and some claim that regular sex prolongs life - states Weisberg.

 5. Sex increases fertility

The claim that abstinence from ejaculation increases the quality and mobility of sperm in order to fertilize the egg faster is a complete myth.

When sperm stays in the epididymis for a long time, a long bent chamber, located behind the testicles, it dies quickly. More frequent sexual activity gives better sperm quality, except in the case when a man has a lower level of sperm. To improve fertility, it is better to have sex often than to abstain - said gynecologist Gillian Lockwood.

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