Partizan basketball club - a phenomenon

When you mention basketball club in the Balkans first association, without doubt, is the Basketball club Partizan.

Multi-year ruler of the Serbian and regional basketball and is a permanent participant in the Euroleague and one of the most respected competitors in the highest quality club competition.

Partizan basketball club has it all. Trophies, name, respect, team spirit, many mentioned element - the system, the fans, the atmosphere ... It is unfair to Belgrade club all these years getting out of that famous, Euroleague A License, and even without it, Partizan has built such a rating that puts it in the cream of European club basketball.

This is the team who's fan I am for since I can remember, I spent childhood in these forums. There is a saying, "For all you cheer, but Partizan you love". That is why I decide to write this article.
Unlike most of the big European
"basketball" clubs, Partizan from year to year is creating a new team and as such is a phenomenon. Phenomenon, as each season begins with a completely different team than the previous, mostly with, roughly, "Anonymous" and then they surprise everyone. Their budget for the season 2013/2014 is 2.5 million euros (3,35 million dollars), this is LeBron James monthly salary.

Partizan is the team that gave the most players in the NBA, after the University of North Carolina, some of them are Vlade Divac, Nikola Peković, Andrei Kirilenko...

"If they are roses - they'll blossom," is one in a sea of ​​thoughts Partizan chief architect of European success, Dusko Vujoševića. To wear Partizan jersey, sensational European champion from 1992. it is not necessary to be a good player, but rather to be a good person.

That is why 2009/10 season happen, when Partizan as an absolute outsider came to the Final Four in Paris and played two games that have been decided "on the one ball".

The road to the Final Four at the "Bercy" will remain in the annals. In crowded Arena, Partizan twice defeated Maccabi (81:73 and 76:67) and the away win in the first game (29 points, seven triples by Kecman) paved the way to the French capital.

And there, in the semifinals, the match of heart attack. Olympiakos with a lot of luck got to the point, and in the battle for third place, luck was again rival side - CSKA Moscow.

who was giving chance to black-whites at the beginning of the competition season!?

In the past 15 years, Partizan played memorable games in the Euroleague, and about muzzle of "Pioneer" was written in superlatives. Many players of rival teams stayed after the game to hear the winding undertakers, in wonder and disbelief, especially if their team won. There are many people who say that their legs cut off or something never experienced, some even hope to some day play in that arena that everyone is talking.

 (Partizan lost this game 73:84, this is footage after that game)

It's hard to remember all the epic match of black-white in the strongest club competition and choose "special" because almost all of them were just such a - special.

In the season when Partizan won Europe, when it was hosted in a foreign country in small city Fuenlabrada, Spain, which is today marked by black and white colors, Partizan only one game played in Belgrade, in the quarterfinals against Kinder.

Or few years before, when Partizan met Aris (1987/88), even when the needle was not able to find its place in the Sports Hall, where the audience sat literally the touchline.

Several big European clubs have rivalry with team, in the sense that draw somehow always connected them - Barcelona, Maccabi, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, CSKA and so.


Partizan Belgrade and Moscow " Armejci " played the memorable " Tie-breaker " for F4 in 1998. , the pioneer of course was full .

Beginning of the new millennium marked the meeting of Partizan and Maccabi. Black and white were defeated convincingly in "Pioneer" but "Gravediggers" sang in the hall long, long time after that, it was the first time that something like this happens . Even the Maccabi players out of the locker room in amazement watching what was going on.

When you draw out the ball with Barcelona's name, you know that Partizan will be in that group. It's not the rule, of course , but the Catalan club , almost destined to black and whites . Or the other way around ?

Still memory is the defeat from Barcelona, where Sasha Djordjevic playing for the Catalan club filled basket of black and white, and the crowd shouted, "Sale , enough! ". Before the match was organized real tribute to Sasa Djordjevic .

They were celebrating the defeats to at " Pioneer" , but those who are actually meant victory. That was one of the season 2006 / 07th against Unicaja . Despite the defeat , Partizan qualified for the first time in the Top 16 in the era of Dusko Vujoševića .

From then Partizan played that stage five times in a row (twice Top 8 , one F4) , and is broken down in the season 2011 /12. when coach was Vlade Jovanovic .

Of course , there are the memorable match against Maccabi in the Arena (already mentioned in the text) or the one against Panathinaikos ( March 5, 2009. ), When 22,567 spectators gathered accurately , which is the official record of the Euroleague.


                                              (Partizan - Macabi)


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