The most expensive motorcycles in the world

Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX - $ 300,000 - The most expensive motorcycle in the world possesses engine with unbelievable strength of 225 horsepower, and 2,409 cc. The seat is made from the finest materials, the Italian manufacturer BERLUTI and exhaust pipes at the end of the coated titanium 9mm thick.

NCR M16 - $ 232.500 - Model weighs about 150 kg (without gas), is an interesting design and its price starts at $ 160,000.

NCRC Macchia Nera - Price 250,000. Designed as the Ducati 998RS, the Italian motorcycle designers and engineers set out to create the technological serious and very precious engines with the aim of winning a leading position in the motorcycle industry. Equipped with lightweight metals and alloys such as aluminum and titanium which makes it quite easy. Belts and components are hidden, but the top design engine is a true aesthetic pleasure.

MTT Y2K Superbike - Price: 75,000. This incredibly powerful model is equipped with Rolls Rois Allison turboshaft engine, which possesses the power of 320 hp, and can reach the speed of up to 370 km / h.

Icon Sheene - Price: 72,000. The model is called tribute engine, built in honor of the legendary British driver, world champion, Barry Sheene. Possesses suzuki engine even 1400cc and produces 250 hp.


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