How to decide which grill to buy?

There is a wide range of grills, on coal, gas, electricity, portable ... However, some of the more important aspects of choices are grille culinary performance, and good food to be baked, not to burn it.

Some of the elements that determine a good barbecue are as follows:

- Sturdy construction
- Ease of cleaning grids
- The grid should be of durable material such as cast iron
- Impermeable cover
- Side extension to lower food
- A spacious area for cooking so you do not bake one at a time
- Good heat dissipation
- Mounts on the side of heat-resistant

How to choose the grill to buy?

Barbecues on gas and electricity are more appropriate for certain types of meat (the ones that should be better browning), fish, vegetables and fruits.
For meat to be a little slower furnaces, and other foods that will take longer to cook and bake at lower temperatures better have a charcoal grill. Also, they give a special flavor to dishes, since they present large amounts of smoke. With them you will get stronger smell of food.

Also, the charcoal grills are preferred because they are generally longer lasting. Disadvantage is that they always have to have coal, and if you have a small space and you can not disturb neighbors with smoke from the grill.

Charcoal grills usually cost less than gas. You have the advantage of a more intense flavor of the food. But at the same time, gas grills are faster.


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