How easy women are around the world?

Controversial and self-proclaimed "world's seducer" or "sex tourists" Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V, became relatively popular, thanks to the blog where you can find detailed descriptions of his sexual exploits around the world.

Daryush has published several sex guides , who were , as expected, on the receiving end of feminist groups and those who believe that his theory does not hold water . However , there are many people who gather at his forum and amounts with its own experiences.Based on the experience Daryush Valizadeh and its fans , author Jack Nicholas has created a map of the world , which in a short time became a huge hit on the internet.This map shows how "easy" women are in some countries. For example, Iran , Iraq , Saudi Arabia and Yemen have proved to be the most difficult places for potential "lovers". Spain, Italy , Algeria and Libya are slightly easier, France , Germany, Great Britain, Austria and Sweden belong to the "normal" category.In the lightweight division found a large number of countries , including Croatia , Serbia , Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia , and in a very lightweight Peru , Bolivia, Cuba and Thailand.Of course, we should point out how cautious one should be by approach these generalizations. 

Check the map at full resolution on the website of Nicholas Jack


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