NBA - what to expect in the new season?

Other day another portion of NBA madness has started, that will last until around June next

Season ahead of us will be special and interesting in many ways, first time since 2002 a single team will have the opportunity to become a three times consecutive champion, after serious injuries they are coming back on the field: Rose, Love, Westbrook, Granger, Lee. Many teams have significantly stepped up their game and we will have the strongest competition in both conferences in the last ten years. To all this should be added that the teams are not only fighting for who will be the best, it will also be a great fight and run for each of the balls in the draft lottery drum for this year's draft class was announced as the best since the famous class LeBron, Wade, Carmel, Bosch.


Angry Est Coast band who answers to the name of the Miami Heat, this year will violently seize, torture and hurt other competitors, which in their conference is significant. Jason Kidd for the first time will mount expensive suit and tie and command the game of his team from the bench, Derrick Rose and the Pacers will again throw the defense of competition on their

To start with favorites:
Miami Heat

After a tough loss to Dallas in the finals, the first title for LeBron and the impossible turn in the finals sixth game last year, Miami enters this season with an opportunity to make history and become only the fifth team to succede in three consecutive times being a champion. Many have had doubts about it this year, and for good reasons, in both championship years Wade had problems with his knees, LeBron has played 313 games in the last three years, not including the Olympics, all supporting players are a year older and their main rivals have improved significantly and the east is no longer as weak as it was last year. However, Miami has last years proved to be mentally very strong team that is ready to fight to the end. They still have the best player in the world, which this year chasing his fifth title of MVP. As free agents were brought in Michael Beasley and Greg Oden on which its unused potential and everything is known, but if the two of them manage to put in order their behavior and health, they will be crucial and may improve the odds for the title defense . Miami's weakness at the beginning of the season remain the same as before, it is still possible to beat them with strong defense, domination under the basket and jump as well as their benefits are still there, they have the best player in the world, an army of shooters and Wade and Bosh are the best when they are most needed. The famous phrase of Rudi Tomjanovic: "Never underestimate the heart of a champion" described them best this season.

Chicago Bulls

Bulls enter this season with the highest expectations ever since MJ broke the joints of Bryon Russell and hit the shot for the title in 1998. With recovered Derik Rose, who looked in the preseason jumpier and faster than ever, with new weapons in the form of a reliable shot for 3, increasingly better Jimmy Butler, probably the best defensive player in the league experienced Deng and Noah and Boozer, Bulls are the biggest threat to double consecutive champions. Taz Gibson , Mike Dunleavy , Captain Kirk Heinrich and Nazi Mohammed will spend many minutes on the court this season as a rather good back-up. As long as the defensive genius of Tom Thibodeaux on the bench of Bulls will be in the running for the best defensive team in the league, where the mongoose Noah will mark opponents with his elbows and raises morale and adrenaline. Main problem that Bulls could have is that unless the team has Danlivi players that can shoot the three-point without having rolled rim, spoils table or rip arcade of fans behind the basket.

Indiana Pacers

Last year they lacked experience and longer bench to fight for the ring, this season may have solved these problems. General manager Larry Joe Bird came back and over the summer significantly strengthen the team with Luis Scola, shooting guard and backup Chris Kouplandom, playmaker Si Jay Watson, as the recovery of Danny Granger, Lance Stephenson and progress experienced Jana Mahinmija means that Indiana now has one of the longest benches in the league. The defense has never been a problem for this team, what's wrong with them and what prevented them from fighting for the ring last year's game is attack, especially the organization and position play. This summer they did nothing to strengthen the position but the recovery could bring Granger Trade and possible improvement in this position. Pacers are a team that is designed to exploit flaws of Miami, and if players like Paul George and Hibert continue to improve, they could fight with the best team in the West for Larry O'Brien trophy at the beginning of June.

Bruklin Nets

A team that improved most this summer and rightfully expects march to the title. In its rotation they added the seasoned and proven champions Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce who with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Robin Lopez are perhaps the strongest top five in the league. Things also look great on the bench where the Nets have an injury crippled Livingston and Terry, solid Blac, great jumper Reggie Evans, and Kirilenko who get the $ 3 million a year in his contract officially follows, from the owner of the Nets Prokorov got three Caribbean islands, yacht and 500 acres the most fertile land in Russia under the table. All this will complete Mirza’s bursts from the parking lot whenever the opportunity to play arises in this fierce competition. Key to the success of this team will lie in a good game players off the bench to Garnett and Pierce could be fresh for the playoffs and difficult battle that they here expected. It will depend much on the Deron Williams will have to leave your ego aside and allow experienced players to be leaders in the locker room. With this line-up, inexperience of Jason Kidd should not be affect too negatively with the result, and if there are problems experienced Lawrence Frank he would be a great help.


Since 2010 when the veteran band from Dallas with Dirk sheriff and cowboys Pedja, Matrix Marion, Kid and Terry teached a lesson to the entire league, teams from the west can not reestablish. In all likelihood, after the break West can once again become wild.

This year's events in the City of Angels are like the classic Hollywood plot. The older brother (Lakers), baby of the family, which was always pampered and looked after it became broke, his wife left him, his dick is no longer rising in his brain is in collapse of drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, the younger brother dumb (Clippers) eternal black sheep of the family, for years saving money by delivering pizza and newspapers and indulged himself a yacht, luxury and splendor Lakers this season will resemble nothing, while the Clippers are potential finalists. Durantula will try to pull OKC; Superman Howard will try to make the best out of his partnership with James Harden. Stealthily stalking the Golden State and Denver.

LA Clippers

Wise moves are finally drawn in California. From Boston came Dok Rivers, coach that brings out the best in team. Chris Paul this season will never have a better chance to finally make the transition between a great player and a champion, excellent team composition will allow this. In addition to athletic supermen such as Griffin and Jordan, this year there is also a man with a sniper rifle in his right hand - JJ Redik, excellent Jared Dudley and defection from city rival Lakers, the legendary sixth man Entuan Jamieson. With Jamal Crawford and universal Burns can set themselves high objectives.

Houston Rockets

After the season of decline in Lakers, Howard has decided to search a chance for basketball rehabilitation in Texas. This could turn out to be maybe the most important move of his career, he is dominant five and that is what the rockets lacked last year. James Harden drilled in the previous season as much as he could, and this season with Superman's help could fully explode. Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin will command the game, and Garcia and Parsons will provide offensive support. For the dirty and corrupt business and beatings Omer Asik will see to that, and Beverly. For such a cool man like Kevin McHale will be hard not to root for this year.

San Antonio Spurs

How much Greg Popovic is above all other coaches in the league shows that for years, everyone knows what Spurs can offer, and rarely can stop them. Parker returns as the national hero of France, the European trophy under his arm. Duncan put off retirement and investing back strength to try once more to reach the ring. Kawai Leonard will have a season of full establishment and a newcomer to the Bulls, the Italian Belineli will maximize the productive use of these minutes. Manu is physically folling apart for several seasons, but that did not stop him to sell up to 10 years younger athletes his magic. Coach Pop still have available pions (Green, Mills, Splitter ...) that will be placed on the ground and cunning to catch competitors in the trap. They did so to express favorites, but many will be wrapped in black.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Series, at least bizarre moves by Thunders management pulls last couple of years, cost them last year greater range, and that may be the their fate this year to if Durantula fail. However, despite the constant nonsense, Westbrook injurie and quite not convincing rest of the team, Durant is so flamboyant player to be on your back and pull those tomatoes guards such as Reggie Jackson and Lamb. With all of that would have each day to pray for the health of Russell Westbrook and Ibaka significantly improve her "Don't give a dem" attitude towards the game from this summer.


Philadelphia is a team that will struggle to be as worse, without having to bring down the negative record that ironically keeps the same team from the 1972-73 season with only nine wins in a season. Over the summer they lost their only all-star players Drew Hallyday who was on draft traded in New Orleans for Nerlensa Noel that because of the ruptured knee ligaments will not play this season. Sinful Bobcats this season and will remain on a single play-off appearance in the 2009-10 season as they once again among the poorer teams in the East. Over the summer they overpaid ' Big Al ' Jefferson, who spends his free time in the left low post and do not play defense, give them 18-20 points and 8-10 rebounds on average, but it will not make a huge difference. But it's not all bad news for the Bobcats, the strong draft next year will have perhaps three peaks in the first round, all that remains to do is to get drunk and take Jordan in Las Vegas on the day of the draft. During the championship in Boston is ove, at least for the next few years. The team are after Allen , trainer pair Rivers - Thibodeaux, at the end of last season and left the two major players that have made Boston 17 championship in 2008, Garnett and Paul Pierce. Their places were taken by former Butler coach Brad Stevens and the guys who just do not seem as enthusiastic in Boston. Danny Ange has been proved that nothing was sacred to the possible and Trade Ronda, the only champion in the game. A team in which the main players Gerald Green, Avery Bradley, Gerald Wallace and worn hands Kelly Olinik with Ronda who will rush to return to the field after a knee injury can not expect anything special, will start operation Celtic pride and will receive a bookmark in TD Garden but that's all.

In the West, the horse mackerel carry Phoenix, a tragicomedy of the team, and this season it will be fun to watch because the only master in the announcement by Goran Dragic. Just before the start of the season have changed Gortat for former number two on the draft Emeka Okafor. Shaquille has invested in Sacramento, but it does not seem that Kings will see light any time soon. Especially since Demarkus Cousins has the freedom to be whatever he wants, to the center of the play. Lakers this season will be a private playground Kobe Bryant more than ever before, and the top will be found only if it (almost certainly) be king Kobi scorers in the regular part of the season.


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