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Probably happened many times to sit at home, bored and decide to do few exercise - but don't know where to start.


In this article we will try to get you closer to what exercises you can do at home. The first exercise that comes to mind are push-ups: ok, push-ups are a great exercise for triceps and chest, but in what way to do push-ups to practice the entire breast? It's easy, you're doing three kinds of push-ups: The so-called "diamond" push-ups (your are hands connected in a diamond shape), simple (
when the hands are at shoulder width) and wide push-ups (hands wider than shoulders). Do 10 pushups every kind, with no rest between the different types of pushups.

When you do a series (of 10 push-ups of all kind), pause for 2 minutes and repeat the process 2 more times (total of 3 sets). At this point, make 4 minute break, and repeat the process with your feet up on a support (chair is good) so you exercise hired and upper chest. 


There is no man who does not want to have the famous "six-pack", and girls can't resist them! Also, you will probably be familiar with the term "Crunches are made in the kitchen, not the gym." This is partially true (we do not mean that we should do sit ups in the kitchen) - for good abs is needed a good diet, not just training.

The image shows an exercise that should be done. Each exercise work for 20 seconds, without a break between exercises. As soon as you finish one lap, a break of 3 minutes and do three more such series.



Decline Pushups 

Decline Pushups are very good exercise for the triceps. The moves are explained in the picture, doing four sets of 20 rest between sets is two minutes.


Squats, lest you be one of those "that do not work legs" of people, do squats. Four sets of 20, 2 minutes rest between sets. Squats work slowly, controlling every movement. 


Cardio, the most important part of the training if you want to lose weight and gain definition. Some of the best cardio exercises are "jumping jacks", "mountain climbers", skipping rope. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, with no rest between exercises. Breaks between sets to make required. 


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