Worst tattoos ever inked

Many people like to decorate their bodies with different tattoos. However, on this occasion it is extremely important to choose good "tattoo" artists. On the other hand, there are those who have chosen a very bad motives, or had unusual ideas, with the desire to turn out comic and cute, but actually leave the opposite impression.

We will start this post with a picture that shows the difference between poor, medium and good tattoo artist, and hence the difference in price.

We already show you how good tattoos should look, created around the world, and now we show you how worst tattoo ever look.

 No need to comment on this.

 Fast Cash, No Brains, Stupid Cunt!

Why the hell would you like to tattoo a dick butterfly on head?
Unfortunately there are too many bad tattoos, we couldn't post them all, if you have examples of terrible tattoos feel free to share with us. 

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