Hennessey Venom F5

Hennessey announced even more toxic Venom F5.
Hennessey announced even more toxic Venom F5.

While we think it can not go crazier, faster or stronger, Hennessey, a Texas company that produces currently the fastest car in the world, the Venom GT, they surprise us again. Yes, although Venom GT currently holds the record for the fastest production car on the planet with a speed exceeding 435 km / h, the Hennessey just do not want to sit back and wait for someone to tear down this record. That is why they presented a new car, with which they intend to raise the bar the other candidates who want to take them off from the top.

Venom F5 will soon see the light of day, a new "poison" from the company Hennessey, and how we have used from them, the numbers will be brutal. The newly developed V8 engine assisted by two turbochargers in the Venom F5 will develop even 1,400 horsepower, which will be in the car, due to the massive use of aluminum and carbon fiber weigh under 1,300 kilograms to provide incredible performance. It is important to mention that the drag coefficient decreased significantly compared to the Venom GT and now is 0.40, and the Hennessey optimistically announced that the F5 will simply destroy all records held by the Venom GT, with the expectation that the Venom F5 achieve an amazing speed of 290 mph, which is 466 km / h.

As they have already proven that they know how to make the fastest car in the world, we have no reason not to believe the claims that we are sold out of the Texas company. But the new records we'll have to wait until 2016 when it is expected the first units of Hennessey Venom F5, and until then the struggle for the throne of the fastest production car in the world could further brew because it was rumored that in 2015 comes a new Bugatti Veyron . The fight will definitely be interesting and can we not wait to see who will emerge as the winner. 


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