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How progress technology that facilitates our daily life, in parallel progress gadgets that we did not know we needed. This time, accidentally ran into one gadget that at first seemed like everyone else, but reading what you can do with this thing of yours, somehow we would want it in our property. It is a SexFit device, which comes with an application for your smart phone, and developed by the British company Bondar. It is currently in the final stages of development, but no doubt the success of the project.

SexFit is ring, which is placed at the beginning of your penis, which improves erection by stopping blood if necessary. This ring is also equipped with accelerometer and Bluetooth module to connect with a mobile phone. In this way, remember your statistics that you can later view in a very detailed view, with the amount of calories burned, up to accelerate the minute. And with all that you can brag on social networks.

The ring also vibrates and thus helps in sex, and can track your pace for enhanced pleasure. At the top of the ring is even 5 diodes that can monitor your pace, speed, penetration, or a song, but somehow that part is weird to us because we do not want to let the light follow our pace. Somehow we are sure that would not be sexy to girls, if a man's penis glows in the dark.

Price is currently unknown, but as soon as they first data will be the first to know.


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