This Guy Built Something In His Backyard That Will Make You Jealous

When most people want pizza, they order by phone or put previously made pie in the oven. Although both of these options can not be wrong (let's be honest, the pizza is pizza), there are other, more old-fashioned way, to make delicious pizza.

This guy decided that he wanted to go old school, so he built his brick pizza oven in the yard.

He began by choosing location in his yard, where he will build the oven. Then he began to dig.

He laid the cement foundation for the oven.

Then he began building up the walls of the oven itself.

After filling the stone cores with concrete, he added a top to the oven.

These heat-proof tiles went on top.

Then he cut out the bricks that would serve as the dome.

Here's the beginning of the dome construction.

He used pumice sand to keep the form of the dorm as he added bricks.

A makeshift pathway will do just fine until they build a deck to surround the oven.

Finally, the fire was roaring, and the oven was hot and ready to start churning out delicious pizza.

The heat in this thing can get pretty extreme (upwards of 800° Fahrenheit), which is good news if you want things to cook quickly.

This is the money shot - just a few seconds after the pie was placed in the oven!

Now that's how to make a pizza. Although it takes a lot more effort than just call for service, it is certainly worth to be able to make a delicious brick oven pizza whenever you want.


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