The Bear Attacked This Guy Herd, You Will Not Believe What He Did!

The bear attacked Blazo Grkovic herd, as the flock was all he had, he had no choice but to wrestle with 500lb bear.

In tough fight Grković sustained injuries all over his body and teeth of predatory animal were passing through his arm and leg bones, but fortunately not injured his head.
While sitting at the sheep's, big bear ran in droves, then went to Grkovic who at that time had on only a small ax. Seeing the big ball of fur and nature contempt for the human race trying to rip off one of his five limbs (we count his balls as a whole limb), Blazo instinctively hit the bear in the head with the small ax he was
always carried with him.

"At one point, one arm was in Bear's hands, and with other I was holding him by the throat until he fell," said Blazo.

After he hit a bear in the head with an ax, the bear went on his arm, cleaving out huge chunks of his flesh and leather in the process. Noticing that now bear was ripping portions of his hand, and rather than use the axe he was already held, Blazo caught the beast by its throat and squeezed it, possibly while screaming. When he met his quota of bear tears, Blazo then hit the bear until there was nothing but the wet dirt, almost taking his head clean off.

"All Blazo clothes were bloody, and there were a pieces of meat on it," said his wife Mira. 

After strangling bear with hands, Blazo was able to walk over a mile to his neighbor Božidara Elez, who called an ambulance.
Local residents say the bear entered the previous day in the village, and took a lamb and a sheep from the fold. (I guess that's the last lamb they took!)


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