Aston Martin Volcano - speeder with 800 hp

This week at the Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin will unveil its new generation of super car - Volcano!

Heads of Aston Martin's for new speeder said that it is the most exciting car they've ever produced. Volcano is a supercar for the racetrack, and produced there will be a total of 24, and as the name suggests - Volcano will literally 'breathe' fire from their exhaust pipes! The Aston Martin believe that their masterpiece can stand tall with the world's best cars.

If we bypass that has Brembo brakes with ceramic discs and a monocoque carbon fiber and other aerodynamic details that "track-only" model has, or should have, the most important thing is under the hood. Volcano will run atmospheric 7 liter V12, which develops more than 800 hp. 

Before driving on the track each customer will pass a small school, and will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and model Vantage S, the One-77 and Vantage GT4. In this way, customers will gradually find opportunities to ride the mighty Vulcan. 

The announced price? A little more than two million euros! For now we can not afford, nor believe most of you. Because this beast with 7 liter V12 engine that develops 800 horses will not be road car, but only for a path we can not wait to transit our favorite Jeremy Clarkson.




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