Brothel in Germany Seeks Sex Services Quality Controller

We all know that quality control is an essential part of every production process, but also services. This is confirmed by the German brothel who posted an ad asking a male or female that is ready to control the quality of service, cleanliness and safety while providing sexual services.  

If work in office is not particularly interesting to you, then perhaps this is job of your dreams. But do not get to look forward to, because we are confident that interest in this job will be quite large.

To make matters worse, in order to register, you must be quite skilled. They are looking for people with university degrees, and priority will be given to those with the management degree, but it's also advisable to have experience in the sex industry and speak several languages. The brothel is located in Berlin, and the ad in which it is written, "It is desirable practical experience and many years of visiting brothels. You must enjoy the company of people and do not be afraid to contact" was published on page All interested parties who meet the above conditions, can seek more information at mentioned website. Good luck.


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