This Guy Retired And Is Now Getting Paid To Have Sex With Prostitutes!

Australia clearly has a problem with secret brothels, and police established a sting to catch them in the act.

There is a small group of private investigators in Australia who are paid to discovering the secret brothels and sex shops are serving as the evidence and having sex with the prostitutes.

One of these investigators passes by pseudonym John. He is 60 years old, divorced and what people in the sex industry call a "brothel buster."

If the police can get a warrant to get inside the building, John serves as a "brothel buster" who have sex with employees, and write it in the report. Report about sex, it sounds great.

John is doing everything he can to protect his community from the scourge of prostitution. Even if it means getting a few handies in the process ....

John, whose real identity must be hidden, says: "I do not drive around in a Porsche or anything. It certainly is not a huge amount. But I get paid to do something most people pay good money for." Amen to that. 

In this case, how someone even join this profession? We were not taught how to build pathways to a career like this. Seriously, who you need to talk to, to be paid to have sex for a living? 

(I'm asking for a friend.) 


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