The luckiest unlucky man in the world!

Franjo Selak from the Croatian town of Petrinja, one might say, is one of the luckiest 'jinx' on the planet. This retired teacher, during life followed an unusual experience and unusual situations. About his experiences reporting are Discovery and the BBC, and the life story of this 86-year-old began in 1962.

1962, Franjo traveled by train from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. Winter and road conditions have led to a train off the rails and falls into the icy river. While many passengers died from injuries in the crash of the train or drowned, Selak with a broken shoulder, managed to swim to shore and saved.

Just one year later, the plane for Rijeka whom Selak was flying, lost power to both engines. Cabin pressure dropped, and the door to the plane fell off. Probably sounds impossible, but Selak was dropped from a plane without a parachute. While the 19 passengers who were aboard died in the crash and explosion, Selak landed safely on a haystack - only with minor injuries.

This is just the beginning of what would Franjo survive in the next 40 years.

Two years later, Franjo was traveling by bus, but even like these he did not escape bad luck that followed him. Due to the ice on the road the driver lost control and the bus broke through the jetty and ended in the valley below. Four passengers were killed, but of course Franjo lived.

In 1970, while traveling in his car, his car caught fire while driving. Franjo jumped out of a moving car and saved him self.

Three years later, he repeated the same luck. This time the fire broke out on the dashboard of a car, and Franjo was passed with only minor burns.

1995, hit by a bus.

1996, a truck ran him off the mountain road. The car is finished in a ravine 300 meters deep, but Franjo was not in it. Somehow he managed to jump out of the car and attach it to a tree on a cliff.

Although fortunately no longer had a meeting with death, Franjo
happened something else, which does not happen very often.

At age 72, the first time he bought a lottery ticket. As you can imagine, he won one million euros.


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