A big research on the boobs is complete, these are the results.

You've probably noticed that we have already published at least over 1000 pictures with beautiful women, but what you did not know is the fact that we are in the background monitored and carefully analyzed the pictures of these girls. Only the best are entered in the selection for the research on boobs, and read the results below.

85% of girls wearing the wrong size bra.
Bras actually help to hang breasts and flee to the navel. It is therefore a good idea to join our campaign "Let's burn all bras". Immediately.

Breasts of any size can produce milk. The higher amount of fatty tissue in the breast does not help in the production of extra milk, but we do not mind.
According to research by the University of Berkeley and the Berkeley National Laboratory, cuddling and squeezing the breast can prevent breast cancer. (girls, we do not do that because of us but because of you)
Humans are the only mammals with continuously enhanced breasts. In other primates, only females who have cubs have full breasts.

In most cases, the left breast is one that is higher, although there are some exceptions.

In America, every twentieth girl has artificial breasts.

University of Westminster proved that men who demonstrate sexist behavior, more attracted to women with big breasts.
When hungry, men prefer girls with big breasts, and when fed with smaller.

Depending on the amount of resources and money, men change the preference and the size of the breasts. Richer and confident prefer smaller breasts.
Men who want to become fathers generally want girls with big breasts.
Dominant males who want submissive girls, as a rule, seek those with smaller breasts.
Circulated the rumor to watch in the breast can extend the life of men. Apparently only 10 minutes of looking at women's breasts prolongs life for 5 years. Despite the fact that we are daily exposed, and longer then 10 minutes, unfortunately we have to inform you that this study is concoction.(but it does not mean that we can not continue to use that to get girls to show us boobs)



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